‘The Cinema’ my vision

Each and every cinema is a history of our human expressions on this planet and the reactions to nature on this planet.  It is a catalogue of events, thoughts, concepts, and dreams.  Cinema is futuristic and because it is as well the past, it delivers the present moment, however it was created in the moment while involving the future of the past.  Imagination is a gift.  Life is a blessing.  Tragedy is mystic.  Love is immortal and forever blending into many forms.  Cinema captures all aspects of the human experience.  Some films carry more then others and some films validate the dark side of our existence.Image

The true gift of a filmmaker is to balance all of these throughout their film.  For others filmmaking is one-dimensional and for the greats it is multi dimensional.  Happiness is developed by thoughts and laughter is created by the execution of these thoughts.  Filmmakers reveal the joy and because joy is transcendental it will always be interpreted in many formats past, present, and future as well as sadness, love and every other human emotion that makes up our stories.  


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